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People may not be interested in the Gospel, but your friends and family are interested in you!

With My Miracle template you can Micro-publish your Jesus Story into a beautiful booklet that will get sincere attention.

It’s easy. Just write your story according to the guidelines. One of our editors will help enhance it. Then choose from a variety of beautiful designs. And in a few weeks you will have an amazing and attractive booklet to share wherever you go.

With My Miracle you may just begin to see miracles multiply!


How much does it cost?

The more you print the cheaper they are. But to give you an idea, if you get 100; total cost is about ¥200 per booklet, if you get 200; it’s ¥150 per booklet. The more you print the  cheaper.

I don’t write well. Can I still make My Miracle?

Following the writing guidelines is easy, but don’t worry, an editor will help sharpen it up too. And if it’s still too hard, we can offer ghostwriting and even translation.

What languages are offered?

My Miracle is primarily a Japanese product and is offered in Japanese only. However, after first having published your My Miracle in Japanese, your second order can be a bi-lingual version. But please be aware that printing costs will increase.

How many should I make?

Be sure to order more than you think you will use. When you see how easy and fun it is to share you will wish you made more!

When do I make payment?

Payment is in two separate stages. First payment covers editing and design costs. Second payment is the printing and delivery.

Can’t I just make my own more cheaply?

Not likely! To create things yourself in this quality will probably cost twice as much. You save big utilizing My Miracle’s pre-set templates and system.


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