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You have a great story! So, it’s time to tell it well! And when you do your friends and family will begin to consider God. When you tell the story of how God has healed you, filled you, transformed you, and blessed you, there are few who can dispute it.

Perhaps you think your story is not so dramatic. But that is okay. Actually, people today are interested by you just telling something personal, something of great value to you. People are starved for honest communication. Plus, since Jesus is the focus, no testimony is ever boring, because Jesus Himself is fascinating!

Remember, well-crafted stories are interesting. So, do your best to craft yours well. After all, you will use it many times for the rest of your life. And every time you share your Jesus Story you you give glory to God; God is pleased with that.

Super Easy Steps to Craft Your Story

A. Pray for the Spirit’s Help
God knows our story better than we do. He can help us tell it well.

B. Follow a 3 Step Format: Before, But Then, After:

Longing for acceptance
Wanting significance
No peace
Fear of death
Dissatisfaction with life
No meaning in life
Bad habits/addictions

C. Add the Pieces
Get a notebook (digital or otherwise) and using the above words/text write out your story. Read it and smoothen out the sentences a couple times. Add a good hook and conclusion (see below). It’s always good to have a friend or two read it and make suggestions.

D. Lastly, Evaluate Your Story with these Points:

1. Have an attention-hooking opening sentence (a question, quote, shocking statement…).
2. Honestly explain your problem or pain in a way that others can relate to.
3. Write as though you were talking with a friend, not giving a formal speech.
4. Tell specifically what Jesus has done for you.
5. Be positive but truthful, and avoid negative statements about people or groups.
6. Give only enough detail to add color and interest.
7. Avoid sharing more than one Bible verse.
8. No preaching!
9. End with a satisfying, logical conclusion

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